Hammerhead Metals Recycling Schnitzer Steel

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Hammerhead Metals Recycling will accept vehicles free of the recycling fee until further notice.

WHO: Hammerhead Metals Recycling.

WHAT: Free recycling of all metals and all vehicles — no rubbish, no extra tires, no contaminants, must be cleaned of dirt and plants (normal fees for fluid drainage and tire removal will be waived).

WHERE: Hammerhead Metals Recycling, Maui Base Yard, 2000 Mokolele Hwy., Maui.

HOW: Customers can fill out the form below to schedule a tow for their vehicle. Hammerhead will collaborate with 12 different tow truck companies based on geographical location. Hammerhead will pay tow truck drivers per metric ton of metal brought to Hammerhead Metals Recycling (not for the actual tow). No towing fees to consumers. Tow drivers will be responsible for obtaining affidavits of vehicle ownership. If you bring the vehicle, we'll pay you per metric ton.

WHY: Clean up Maui. Make space in your back yard for your family. We need scrap metal. Keep Maui beautiful.

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